Deciduous Timber Services (DTS)

(Oak Suppliers)

We specialise in supplying only the finest quality joinery grade Air Dried Oak,

hand picked from our European specialist Oak mills

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With years of sawmilling and forestry experience, DTS provides an in-depth knowledge of Air Dried Oak / Joinery Oak / Architectural grade Oak and Oak Beam / Construction grade Oak, from the acorn to standing trees to Through Sawn, Waney Edged Oak joinery Boards.

DTS specialise in providing a face to face service and encourages you to come in and take a close look at our stock and work with us to select the right timber for your job. Boards will be marked out for each component and can be crosscut to length to aid handling in your workshop.

Face to Face Service

From our Air dried Oak boards to your cutting list, as we know that every Oak board is different and so is every purpose built Oak joinery job.


Bespoke Selection & Cutting Services

At Deciduous Timber Services we understand the different uses required from Air Dried Oak joinery timber; from renovation / period and country cottage projects which a certain special type of classic oak character is required, to the more modern builds which require a cleaner/planer type of second fixing.

DTS is experienced in selecting joinery components from waney edged air dried oak boards for door and window sections, or indeed all of the many uses of this fabulous natural resource.

Air dried Oak is ideal for a wide range of joinery projects due to the very stable nature of this product. This is because of the time taken to lower the moisture content as opposed to modern kiln drying methods; the gentler more natural air drying process provides oak timber ideally suited to high quality external joinery applications.

Our Air dried Oak waney edged boards are ‘sticked’ and stacked for a year per inch, to produce a moisture content of around 12% – 16%, helping to stabilize the Oak boards, for all your joinery needs.

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